Handle all your correspondence in one place with Bird Post
Correspondence Management Software

The way you handle your day-to-day correspondence can greatly affect the efficiency of all your business operations. Without a reliable correspondence management software, managing the endless flow of correspondence would be extremely time-consuming and highly prone to error.
Bird Post is a premium web-based correspondence management software that empowers you to organize, manage, and keep track of your organization’s incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondence, all in one place.

Why choose Bird Post?

• Bird Post is easy-to-use with an intuitive user interface.
• You can create your correspondence using the Bird Post editor. No external editors needed.
• Bird Post lets you search through your correspondence with ease for faster retrieval.
• You can easily filter your correspondence by several criteria such as number, date, sender, and department.
• Bird Post lets you add, edit, or delete as many users as you need.
• You can create and assign tasks to different users.
• Bird Post allows you to set actions for any correspondence to streamline the workflow.
• You can effortlessly build your own templates and save them for future use.
• Bird Post lets you add reminders and set notifications for critical letters.
• Bird Post supports English and Arabic.


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