Automate Your Business Processes Now With Bird Service
Workflow Management Software

BIRD SERVICE works in 5 simple steps

1. Choose a Service

Choose the service that you want to automate. Whether it is a purchase request, vacation request, travel request, hardware request or any other type, you can automate it easily with Bird Service.

2. Build a form

Build the form that the service owner must fill to send a request. You can easily add as many fields to the form as you want. Define how you need the fields to be filled, you have many options such as text fields, dropdown menus, lists and so on.

3. Design the Workflow

Outline how you want the process to flow. The workflow can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, with zero coding required. You can also set deadlines or required conditions for your workflow.

4. Set Permissions

Set permissions for the service you want to automate. Our workflow management software lets you determine who can view or select a service. You can customize the availability of your service, by making it hidden or available to certain employees or departments.

5. Let it fly

Your service is now ready, so let it fly!

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