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With today’s everchanging business environment, a DMS solution that covers all your document management needs is indispensable. Bird Connect is a comprehensive document management system (DMS) software that covers the three cornerstones of your business: your documents, workflow, and correspondence. Bird Connect empowers you to digitize your old paper documents, automate workflow, and accelerate correspondence handling.

Bird Connect Brings Work Efficiency to Your Fingertips

Bird Connect is a superior web-based DMS solution that increases the productivity of your business and reduces operational costs. You will no longer have to worry about the costs and risks that come with handling paper documents. As a premium document management system (DMS) software, Bird connect gives you the needed lift to reduce paperwork and its associated expenses.

Bird Connect Eliminates Chaos and Streamlines Your Workflow

Bird Connect is simple and easy to use. With its intuitive user interface, you will be able to handle all your documents, workflow, and correspondence with no training whatsoever. Thanks to the flexibility of this document management system (DMS) software, Bird Connect can be smoothly used by businesses of all sizes to automate business processes and streamline workflow.

Bird Connect document management system (DMS) software consists of 3 solutions that manage the three cornerstones of your business: your documents, workflow, and correspondence.

Digitize your old paper documents

Bird File is a premium document scanning software that allows you to scan and index all your paper documents and transform them into digital format.

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Automate your workflow

Bird Service is a fully dynamic workflow management software that lets you streamline your workflow and automate your business processes, with no coding required.

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Manage your correspondence

Bird Post is a comprehensive correspondence management software that organizes and keeps track of your organization’s incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondence, all in one place.

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The three birds of Bird Connect are powerful on their own, but they are even better when used together. With the full package of Bird Connect you will you take control of the three cornerstones of your business.

Why Choose Bird Connect?

Document Scanning

Bird Connect transforms your paper documents into digital format, saving you thousands of dollars spent on renting storage space.

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Data Structuring

Bird Connect helps you to organize all your business documents and eliminates complex and chaotic folder structure.

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Workflow Automation

Bird Connect automates your business processes and streamlines your workflow, increasing the quality and efficiency of your business.

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Environment Friendly

Bird Connect is your step towards a paperless office. It supports your business to go green by reducing paper and applying sustainable business practices.

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User-friendly interface

Bird connect is characterized by a user-friendly interface that allows you to instantly access all the system functions with ease.

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Easy Access

Being a completely web-based DMS solution, Bird Connect lets you access your important documents instantly from any place at any time.

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Granular-level security

Bird Connect guarantees the safety of your confidential documents through granular access control.

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Correspondence Handling

Bird Connect helps you manage and keep all your correspondence organized in one centralized repository.

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Version Control

Through version control, you will be able to keep track of any changes made to your documents.

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Document Search

Through the advanced search feature, you will enjoy faster and easier document retrieval.

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