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Set Up Your Interactive Kiosks And Let Customers Engage With Your Business

One type of interactive kiosks that we created at Bird Cloud is an automated donation kiosk for Qatar Charity.
This automated donation kiosk is the first device of its kind in the region that uses bank card payment technology similar to ATM machines for safe and organized donation collection.
The kiosk is placed in shopping malls and public places allowing people to donate to all the projects of Qatar Charity.
From the kiosk screen, the donors can select the projects they want to donate for and the amount of money they wish to donate; then they can pay through bank cards.
The Qatar Charity kiosk is connected to a very safe network provided by Qatar National Bank and is available in two languages, Arabic and English.

Perfect For Businesses Across Various Industries

Fast Food We can set up interactive kiosks for fast food restaurants to display menus and let customers order through them instead of waiting in long queues.

Retail If you’re a retail store, we can set up an interactive kiosk to display catalogues of your products, features and prices and let your customers place their orders.

Map Directory Our interactive kiosks can be placed in touristic sites, parks, shopping malls, or airports to offer directions and guidance to visitors.

Service Providers Service provider can massively improve their service by letting customers pay their bills through an interactive kiosk that is close to them.

Ticketing Our interactive kiosks can be used in museums, movie theaters, or train stations to book tickets and shorten lineups.

The possibilities are endless! All you have to do is contact us with your business needs and we will take care of the rest.

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What Makes Our Interactive Kiosks Special?

Highly Customizable

Completely scalable to serve your business needs.


No tutorial or training is required, You are ready to go in a few clicks.

Web-based Dashboard

A user-friendly web-based dashboard that can be accessed anywhere and shows you the status of your machines.


Available in Arabic or English

Highly Secure

Protects the confidentiality of your business and your users’info.


Can print receipts, tickets, and so on according to your business. A URL can be sent to the users in case they want to print later.


Always online and connected to the server. Updated regularly to check for any changes.

Flexible Payment Methods

Accepts credit cards and debit cards.

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Interactive Donation Kiosk: Qatar Charity

Engage your customers with your business and let them interact with your services, products, and offers with our interactive kiosks from Bird Cloud. We at Bird Cloud have extensive experience in setting up interactive kiosks and customizing the best interactive kiosk software to suit different business needs in Qatar and the MENA region.
With our interactive kiosks, you will greatly improve your business and increase customer satisfaction.
Our interactive kiosks (self-service machines) are very easy to set up and simple to use. And the greatest thing about them is that they are completely customizable!
No matter what your business is, interactive kiosks are for you.