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Every project has many financial aspects that you need to attend to. Expenses, credits, bills, invoices, salaries, payments, the list goes on! Without proper financial management software, you could easily miss any of these details.
That’s why we at Bird Cloud have created I-Project. I-Project is an easy-to-use, web-based financial management software designed to manage and keep track of your projects and all their related finances.

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Stay On Top Of Your Financial Game

Create New Projects

I-Project lets you create new projects in a few simple steps and saves all their details, such as the owner of the project, project manager, and employees working on that project.

Create Quotes & Estimates:

Prepare and print quotes and estimates for any project in a few clicks. Simply fill out a form with the basic information (client name, price, and a brief about the project) and you are ready to go.

Create Purchase Orders

I-Project lets you prepare and print purchase orders in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is fill out prebuilt templates with the needed info.

Stay on Track

I-Project keeps track of all your finances and grants you control over all your expenses. You can record and keep track of bills, salaries, collected payments from clients, and a lot more with ease.

Stay Organized

I-Project lets you save, categorize, and search through all your financial data. You can effortlessly find your customers and suppliers data organized in one place.

Get Reports

Always know how your business is performing. I-Project provides in-depth reports of all your financial data whenever you need them.